Two moms, three boys, multiple hats, endless outfits and way too many shoes…. it’s more than a tagline. It’s how two friends with a penchant for style and a love of fashion approach their everyday lives. 

A Fashionating Life chronicles the daily stylings and influences of two fashion-loving, working moms who have means but love a good deal.  We have a special affinity for the second-hand market and believe fashion is art worth investing in.  We gravitate toward a curated blend of high/low labels with our own vintage finds and a modern interpretation of classic pieces.  We believe the is magic in the mix.


Our blog is about real women with real lives who need real clothes and have real budgets. Sound like a life you can relate to? 

Our style manifesto:  We believe in wearing sequins during the day and that there is nothing sexier than an oversized man’s watch on a woman’s wrist. We believe you can wear heels on a playdate and sneakers with suits to the office.  We believe that sartorial rules based only on a women’s age should be ignored and that clothing is an investment in your confidence. We emphasize style over fashion and that the clothes you wear are an expression of your creativity and your personal brand.     


Here you will find not only our outfits of the day, but also our tricks to look appropriate no matter where the day (or night) takes you. We will share our lust lists, every day bargains, as well as how and where to score the best deals.  We’ll share our takes on current trends in point-counterpoints and reveal our go-to shopping sites and favorite stores.  And soon we will be launching a monthly series featuring some very fashionating people. We hope you will be able to relate to what you find here and discover inspiration to create your own fashionating life.


Join us on this journey and find what works for you, whether you’re in the boardroom or the classroom, running reports or running carpool.  Whatever your daily routine, we want to encourage you to do it with style!


Fashionatingly yours,

Ellen & Jennifer