Shelley Mac first hit the airwaves in 2006 with her New Zealand band, Pearl.  Her debut album received critical acclaim with her hit single, “Life is Beautiful,” reaching number one on the New Zealand radio charts.  She has shared the stage with a host of touring artists, but it was opening for Sting, Sir Elton John and Eric Clapton that really solidified Shelley Mac’s place on the big stage.  A Kiwi at heart, Texas is now home.  Despite the many detours taken along the way, Shelley Mac is gearing up to launch her most important body of work to date.  

ICYMI we had our Fashionator Holiday Celebration featuring the amazing Shelley Mac. This was our second event in The Fashionator Series and we look forward to having more of these empowering events in 2020. Our celebration with Shelley Mas was a great kick off to the holiday season and allowed us to say a toast in appreciation all of the wonderful people who have joined both Jennifer, Shelley and I along our journeys to own our stories and own our power. Rags was our gracious hosts yet again and guests were able to shop for the latest high-end, pre-loved goods for their closet. Guests enjoyed wine and light bites provided by Ritual Austin and mingled in anticipation of the evening’s highlight, an intimate performance by the unbelievably talented, Shelley Mac.

Before she sang, we wanted to talk a little bit about why we chose to honor Shelley and learn more of her story. Our conversation was short but impactful, as Shelley spoke about what it is like to be a woman in one of the most male-dominated industries on the planet. She touched on how clothing is such a large part of a rock star’s image, but were men can have signature looks that enhance their “brand,” many female musicians find their clothes – or more specifically, their bodies – being commented on more than their music. We spoke about her 6-year-old son and how he has influenced her life from her style choices (an amazing mix of boho and rocker) to the messages in her latest music. At 48, Shelley is at an age where everyone from fellow parents to society at large think women should begin to fade away and step out of the spotlight. But nobody who as made a living as a musician, performing on some of the world’s biggest stages, cares what society has to say as they blaze their own path despite age and popular conventions.

We kept the conversation brief so that we could let Shelley’s music do the talking as she led us through her haunting rendition of Blondie’s seminal hit, “Heart of Glass.” We were all blown away at how different the song feels in Shelley’s rendition. As she explained before she started her performance, once she slowed it down and added her evocative, almost melancholy vocalization, you really understood what the song was really all about. It is not the upbeat, dance hit we have all come to love over the years and I for one won’t listen to the song the same again.

Through words and songs, we were able to discuss many issues facing women, no matter their profession or lifestyle, and Shelley was able to sum up here thoughts on it all rather succinctly, “I love getting older because I no longer give a shit about what anyone thinks!” Words we can all learn to live by.

We wanted to say a great big thank you to all the amazing people who came out to our Fashionator Holiday Celebration. We are grateful for your support. Be sure and visit to learn more about this inspirational artist and download her single, “Heart of Glass.”



Images by Breezy Ritter