Due to our education and our careers, we are no strangers to speaking engagements, presenting on panels, giving interviews, and appearing on TV, video, and other formats (except TikTok, but that is for another post). Admittedly while Jennifer is more of a natural at it, Ellen always preferred the role of the woman behind the curtain. Either way, we both can get up in front of people and screens and not freak out or die – which we realize is not the case for a lot of people.

Last week, AFL was lucky enough to be on Studio512tv, a local lifestyle and entertainment show hosted by the lovely and delightful Rosie Newberry and Stephanie Gilbert. Click on the image below to watch!


As Ellen mentioned in this post, she likes the remote format as opposed to in-studio appearances for a couple of reasons. First, if you are not the most comfortable on camera, it is easier to pretend you are just chatting normally with a couple of friends when you are at home. Playing this mental game is much harder when you are in an actual studio sweating under hot, blinding lights with multiple cameras in your face. There is no audience to tune out when all you can see are a few squares on a computer screen containing the faces of the one to two people you are talking to.

The other reason is control. The best thing about video life is that if you want to look your best, then all you have to do is take control….. of your environment, that is. No longer must you fall prey to the overhead florescent lighting gods since you can control lighting. You also have control over the angle you present on screen so you can sit in a way that shows your best side. You can appear taller by elongating your neck. You can even appear more powerful by taking control of the space in the frame. Sit with your posture, shoulders away from your ears. Women, this is your chance to take up all the space you want and fill that screen with the image you are trying to project. Practice in a mirror or with your camera phone (see the pics below. Yes, that is Jennifer doing a test run in her pjs….). We feel most in control when we are prepared, and looking your best on zoom or any other camera is something you can absolutely prepare for.

Since we mentioned lighting, find a place to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. But whatever you do, do not sit with a window behind you. The window or other light source should be in front of you. And make sure that you appear centered in whatever box you are in.

Check any surroundings that will be included in the shot for neatness, appropriateness, and even some branding. Kick any dirty laundry or kid’s toys out of the frame. For our spot, Ellen placed a portable clothing rack behind her where she hung the clothing featured in the spot. This rack served another purpose in that it hid a closet door that needs a minor repair thanks to boys and dogs. Jennifer was in her master bathroom, but you would never know it by looking at the screen. It looks like she was in a well-lit office with a very cool gallery wall.

The purpose of our spot was to discuss what fashion means to women in their 40s. We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but as much as we would love this age to really be the new 20s, things are different for women in so many ways once they hit that 40+ mark. The best part about being on Studio512tv was connecting with new women in our area. Women who sent us private messages that said, “THANK YOU! I feel seen for the first time in a long time and I work as a real estate agent where how you look is SO important.” We LOVE messages like that!

So ICYMI, we hope you will watch our spot on Studio512tv and share our site with any woman, regardless of age or station in life that wants to feel validated. And stay tuned as we share more on the stores we featured in the spot, as well as a few honorable mentions.