Oops, we did it again. What was supposed to be one post is becoming two. We are so excited to share today’s brand, My Little Maria ATX that we cannot fit it all in today. #sorrynotsorry. 

For today’s post, we are diving right into the fashion of it all! My Little Maria is rather popular with our friends and we have seen their items styled up for play quite a bit. For our take, we wanted to see how many looks we could come up with for work. Their penchant for sequins and oversized statement pieces is not necessarily something one would think of for the office. But could they? Find out below. 

But before we get to the fashion, we wanted to let you know to tune back in for part two. This is the post that will get into the mission of My Little Maria ATX, as well as an interview with the two powerhouse women who are using their passion to help empower the female artisan communities of Mexico. This is a brand you can definitely feel good supporting.    

From Jennifer
Seeing has how I touched on this exact point in my How the West Was Worn post, I have a thing for bling. What can I say? I like big jewelry and I cannot lie. And if you know us here at AFL, you know we love a good cause, supporting women-owned businesses, and shopping ethically sourced goods. My Little Maria ATX hits on all cylinders. And more. 

As our collab with them was somewhat of a designer’s challenge, the photoshoot prep had an added layer of fun! My Little Maria’s pieces are a no-brainer with jeans or fun, colorful, casual “Austin-wear,” but would they translate into the workplace and a more professional wardrobe? I was skeptical. But that all changed once I dove into my closet and had it all laid out.  My creativity started sparking and I could not stop.

It bears repeating that Ellen and I have historically worked in more creative industries. Our typical business attire looks different than what, say, a high-powered law firm might expect from a high-powered attorney, even when she is not in court.

But used sparingly and with the right panache, My Little Maria’s statement earrings transform a simple suit into a serious power moment. They complement a conservative albeit colorful shirt dress paired with a simple pump. Their embellished camo flak jacket pairs wonderfully with a work trouser to create the perfect business travel ensemble. And my FAVORITE, the beaded embroidered bow tie is a sassy nod to a necktie. I paired this one item with a sweater dress, a blouse, and a checkered Betsy Johnson shift dress. (Full Disclosure – I kept this piece!)

After some initial brainstorming, I would say our mission was most definitely accomplished with these beautiful ethically-made pieces. Given all that we have been through in 2020, I think we deserve a little splash in our daily work lives, even if it is just in our attire. Am I right?!

From Ellen
What I love about My Little Maria’s pieces is the versatility. Their pieces are clearly great for all the funky, cool, and weird that gives Austin its mystique. Music festivals and SXSW, Chicken Shit Bingo, dancing at the Broken Spoke, and relaxing at Zilker Park. Put on anything MLMATX and you are good to go. What we really wanted to do was showcase how these pieces can work at well, work.

As Jennifer stated, we are not in traditional corporate offices, although from what we have seen, those have gotten a bit more relaxed too. We are willing to concede that we may have more freedom than quite a few readers. We also have followers that work in offices that have kegs and kombucha on tap, yoga classes, and a dress code that includes PJs (True Story – I did not know they made Eeyore onesies that large until I worked in tech and saw a few grown men wear them to work. I. Kid. You. Not.).

Once we received the pieces that My Little Maria wanted us to style, I got a bit nervous. From the bag poured a sea of sequins, camo, and floral embroidered covered denim. My first thought was that this might be a bit above my pay grade. But as I began pulling things from my closet and seeing how colors and patterns worked so well together, I ended up with waaaaay too many outfits for our shoot.

True to our sartorial Wonder Twin powers, Jennifer told me she had the exact same moment of “huh,” followed by the same burst of inspo. Somehow the funkier pieces elevated the look of the rest of my outfit, making it appropriate for more conservative places. It is amazing what they could do for a basic pair of trousers and an oxford while not seeming over the top.

I paired a traditional Huipil blouse with work trousers and a blazer, as did Jennifer. I jazzed up a pair of black trousers and white button-down with both their fab camo sequin flak jacket and a baseball cap for two outfits perfect for a casual Friday or work travel. I also paired one of their caps with a casual dress and Chuck’s. Bonus! Incorporating hats into these looks means you can squeeze out one more day before washing your hair! But I think my favorite outfit is the yellow pencil skirt with one of their amazing, embroidered jean jackets. I wore it as a shirt, staying true to my new favorite style thing, but Jennifer used it to jazz up those basics – and looked professional in the process.

I did style up one funky look though. I took a bunch of their sequin pins and added them to my thrifted pink Levi’s jean jacket (again, worn as a top). Paired with a pair of thrifted black leather pants and metallic silver western-inspired mules, this would be a great outfit to wear to many a concert or festival.

We hope you enjoyed the fashion portion of our posts with My Little Maria ATX. Please follow them at mylittlemaria.com or on Instagram at @mylittlemaria 

And come back on Thursday to find out how your support of My Little Maria provides the artisan community with the resources, training, and support they need to advance their craft and earn a living wage.

Photography by C. Endo Photography