One of the first things Jennifer and I bonded on was the fact that we were both boys moms who SWORE that if we did not have daughters, would not be able to survive…..and look at how that turned out (for new readers, Jennifer has one son, age 10 and I have two, ages nine and about to turn 16). We both have clothes, purses and jewelry that are now being saved for our future granddaughters, because fate cannot screw us both twice, can it?

So, when I found these adorable “BOY MOM” t-shirts, I knew we had to have them, to wear our mantle proudly, and to accessorize them appropriately for any fashion-forward mama.

I paired my tee with one of my favorite sequin skirts from Nordstrom and a pair of Pour la Victoire studded sandals that I scored on eBay. I wanted to go a tad girly with the overall look as I have the pink dinosaur handbag.

Jennifer paired her tee with these fabulous sequined Alice & Olivia leggings she scored at Moss a couple years ago. They up the t-shirt and denim jacket quotient easily. Add in the Barney’s Co-op black cage sandals I passed down to her, and the look takes on a rock and roll edge that is a nod to Jennifer’s affinity for 80s hair bands.

We met at one of our favorite places to go as with or without kids, Mueller Park. We took these pics near The Thinkery. It was a great place to grab breakfast and brainstorm on future blog plans while enjoying a bit of the early morning playground to ourselves! You’re never too old for a swing or a ride on a magic dragon, am I right?!

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to start a blog where they get to play around with great friends in fun outfits like this! Our motto is that it only works for our brand if it is something we would be doing, buying, talking about, wearing or attending even if we didn’t have a blog or any other reason to document it (and for the record, we would totally dress up like this for a fun night out on the town even if #OOTDs didn’t exist).

The dino purses? I mean, how could I resist the dinosaur purses? If ever there was an accessory that symbolized our lives, it would be these gold-studded, dinosaur purses. No matter how hard you eschew gender stereotypes, there’s no arguing that boys are just drawn to dinosaurs than girls.   The old “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” rings true, at least for our boys. So why not bling it up and play on a theme with these cute crossbody bags. We would totally carry them to a concert or fun art opening with the right outfit as a statement piece.

These outfits are in celebration of all our fellow #BoyMoms out there. We can wear sequins and high heels and still get down in the dirt, nails be damned, and pick up the gnarliest looking insect without batting an eyelash extension!

True story – at a later photo shoot, Jennifer’s son brought over his latest treasures scored on a walk along the creek while we were shooting – they included 2 crawfish claws, 3 bones of unknown origin, and an arrowhead. He fished them out his pocket and laid them gently in her hand, where she received them with great enthusiasm while our photographer threw up in her mouth a little. #BoyMom