If you saw my post on Instagram yesterday, then you know we are asking for help! Calling the Fashion Police! However, this time we are not critiquing outfits, we need help solving a very timely fashion mystery!

There is a legend that this handbag was carried by none other than THE Carrie Bradshaw in an early episode of Sex and the City. I do not know which one it is, and short of re-watching every episode of every season (which, given quarantine, I am not entirely opposed to), have never figured out if this is true or not.

In celebration of the BEST. NEWS. EVER., Sex and the City is launching a revival of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda, and we thought it would be fun to pitch this fashion mystery to all our readers, many of which we know are hardcore SATC fans. Please help us determine if Carrie really did carry this gem of a little pouch and in which episode did it make its debut?

Here is what we know. I am fortunate enough to have a lovely sister-in-law who knows me, my life and loves, and my style. She was at a charity auction in Dallas around the new millennia that consisted of fashion accessories, many of which were owned by celebrities or otherwise used in show biz. Most were mainstream, gently loved handbags with high-end labels, but this little pouch called out to her among the see of crossbody and hobo bags. The little gold thread sparkled and the chinoiserie brocade shone, and all but screamed my name. When she read its provenance, she knew it had to be mine! (She is a really good sister-in-law!) God and Carrie bless her, she placed the winning bid and surprised me with it the following Christmas.

Since the show made its debut in 1998, the timing tracks with it being one of Sex and the City’s earlier seasons seeing as how it was around 2000 when she bought it for me. It looks like a purse that Carrie would need a “$7.00 dress to pair with $300 shoes,” as she so famously declared.

As for the rest of my outfit, it is based on a three-piece set that I found on the secondary market made by St. John. St. John is one of the brands that Ellen and I bonded over as it is usually viewed as an old lady brand. We never thought this was a bad thing and now, old lady fashion is a trend. The gold lame fabric is hardly old lady, and my Carrie bag matches perfectly. While this blouse comes with knit pants and a bolero jacket with gold trim that are also far from old lady, I styled it with Zara pants, an H&M jacket, and a pair of shoes from Beverly Feldman (possibly another old lady brand……).

And even though it has been 20 years, I still love this little baby. I do not carry it often enough but just knowing it is tucked away safely in my closet makes me smile. The legend of it on its own is enough to “Carrie” me away.

What is one of your favorite iconic fashion treasures you hang onto no matter what? And lastly (most importantly?), if anyone can track down the season and episode of this little beauty, the next cosmo is on me!

Photography by Breezy Ritter