The RealReal – Thrift Thursday 

While high-end designer consignment is not typically what you think off when you hear the word, “thrift,” it really is a matter of semantics. Basically, a deal’s a deal!    

As we have mentioned many times on the blog, designer deals allow us to afford things we couldn’t otherwise, while filling our closets with one-of-a-kind pieces that help define to our personal style and set our closets apart from the rest. As mothers and women who care about the planet, buying on the secondary market more importantly allows us to conscientiously partake in one of the most wasteful and environmentally damaging industries.  

In previous Thrift Thursday posts, we have talked about shopping on eBay. Today we want to talk about consigning on The RealReal.  

The first time I tried The RealReal was about a year after they started. I had more than my usual amount of items to consign for various reasons: our local consignors buy seasonally and the items weren’t timed correctly; some were deemed too vintage; and an item or two was deemed, “for a very specific audience,” which I take as a nice way of saying they were a bit weird. Honestly, I tried The RealReal because I figured I had nothing to lose.

Creating my account was simple, as was figuring out whether they accepted my designers. I also had a good idea that my items would be accepted just by snooping around the site and reading their FAQs. Arranging for the free shipping was easy, The RealReal received and processed my items rather quickly, and their staff was friendly and extremely helpful along the way. I was shocked at how quickly everything sold, including those quirkier items. Plus, my credit was a lot more than I was expecting (their cash equivalent was higher than usual too and you can switch between cash or credit at any time!).   

Like most fashion related things that have happened in recent years, of course I got Jennifer hooked on The RealReal as both a consigner and a buyer. Now that they have gotten bigger (or more fashion companies are paying attention to Austin), we have a local rep who recently came to my house, evaluated both Jennifer and my items, and just generally expedited the process. We had so much fun, just the three of us, that we are planning on getting a larger group together for a consigning party very soon. Stay tuned for pics! 

Shannon, our rep, seen in the pics below, is lovely and extremely knowledgeable about the industry itself, as well as how to maximize the consigning experience with The RealReal. From clutches to boots, formal dresses to casual wear, nothing was off limits. We consigned current and older items by DVF, Tibi, LoveShackFancy, Doen, Bottega Veneta, Reformation, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Saloni, Christian Louboutin, See by Chloe, Manolo Blahnik, MSGM, and more. Bonus that Jennifer and I ended up trading an item or two that Shannon did not take. Since our get together, Shannon has given us a head’s up on things like upcoming sales and the scoop on items The RealReal is looking – and paying top dollar – for.  

Benefits to consigning with The RealReal include:

It’s Convenient and Simple – The RealReal offers free in-home pickup, free shipping or drop off. Send off your items whichever way is easiest for you! 

Your Items Sell Fast – Since they can reach millions of luxury shoppers with the press of the publish button, most items sell within 30 days. The 15 items I consigned with Shannon sold within about a month!

They Pay You More – You earn up to 85% of the sale price for your items, which is about three times more than many other resellers. It is so exciting to know that I have a nice size credit waiting for me so as soon as I see one of my dream pairs of shoes in my size, I can score them guilt free!

The RealReal is Sustainable! – They are so committed to sustainability that they figured out a way to measure the greenhouse gasses, energy output and water usage saved by the consignment process. Since The RealReal’s founding in January 2012, they have saved 329 million liters or 1.3 billion glasses of water!

Individually, the average consignment saves 1442 liters of water and offsets 253 miles in your car.  

Visit and check out all their fantastic designer items for your closet and your home.  Interested in becoming a TRR consigner? Just DM us for Shannon’s details. She is awesome to work with! 

Be sure and check out our post on how to find the best online deals.     Many of these can be easily applied to shopping on Check back next week as we will share our tips to getting consignment stores to take your items and offer you cash on the spot! And let us know your thoughts on #therealreal.   

As The RealReal Insider Rewards Members, we may get a commission on any sales we generate. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Fashionating Life.  #therealreal