You know that feeling when you hit the snooze only to realize that’s the third time this morning and it’s actually 7 a.m. and not 6 a.m. and you have to get breakfast down the hatch and out the door before the 7:40 a.m. tardy bell at school, then make it to work by 8 a.m….?  Well you can’t go in your pajamas (why don’t grown-ups get pajama days?) so what’s a Mom to do? 

This is where formula dressing comes into play. My go-to uniform for a full day of juggling my many hats consists of a pair of skinny cargo pants, a button up shirt (universally flattering style), hoop earrings and a pair of cute shoes – either kicks or wedge sandals depending on how “dressed up” I want to feel.   

I buy these pants anytime I see them on the racks, and I own them in a variety of colors from these standard army-green ones to navy, chocolate brown, grey and even millennial pink.  They pair well with any button-up shirt (I snag those on sale at J. Crew, Old Navy and Target) in any color or pattern.  Because the pants are solid, you can punch it up with the shirt in a fun print or color.  I have several varieties in blue, from this checkered one, to one with pineapples, and a classic pinstripe.  But I also have checkered ones in fun colors like lemon yellow (perfect in summer with white jeans), green, and orange; or funky prints like rose colored pineapples, hot pink bicycles, and pink flamingoes.  Like a man’s necktie, these printed shirts add a touch of whimsy to what could be a plain jane ensemble. Get creative! 

I always tuck my shirt in – no need to look sloppy just because you’re in a hurry.  Even the now-trendy half-tuck will do. Add a belt because the devil is in the details and because this is another place you can introduce a fun pattern or accent color.  My go-to belts are my classic LV print, which is basically a neutral IMO, or my other favorite neutral, a leopard print.  But a fun striped grosgrain belt, rope belt or classic leather number will do the trick as well.  

G’d up from the feet up… don’t forget the shoes.  Here I’m wearing my new favorite summer sandal, the Vince Camuto ankle strap wedge from Dillard’s.  Thanks to my friend Angela (@Refit) who recommended them, I bought them ON SALE in two colors – black and tan.  But classic Chuck Taylors or these gold New Balance, fun Golden Gooses or even an espadrille or flat thong sandal will pull the look together too. Just leave the pool flip flops by the back door! 

And on a bad hair day, grab your fedora to top it all off. 

This formula gets me out the door feeling put together in 15 minutes or less and with a little wardrobe building to ensure you have a good stock of these classic elements in the closet, it can start your rushed morning off on the right foot as well.