There is a lot of talk in the fashion industry about going green. Anyone who has been following our blog for any length of time knows that we prefer our looks to be accessorized with sustainability, but at a time when the world seems to be going neutral, I want to say a bit about the actual color. 

Contrary to what Kermit always says, I find it rather easy being green. Or at least wearing it.

It goes without saying that every redhead looks good in green. It’s an Irish thing and lucky for me it’s my favorite color in just about any shade. In Irish lore it means luck. In feng shui it means prosperity. I do not know about you, but I could use a little of both. 

Thinking back, I remember my dad’s first campaign signs were green and white. I was no more than 5 years old when he ran for district attorney in the small, East Texas town we are from. I had a little green push peddle car I would ride around the neighborhoods where he block walked, wearing my t-shirt that read “Please Vote for My Daddy.” Maybe that is where my affinity for this verdant hue began, forever seared in my formative mind as a go-to color based on a wonderful memory of my father and me. 

It is no secret I like color. My home and my wardrobe reflect that. Hues of orange, turquoise, navy, and gold, but I feel most like myself in green. It is soothing and relaxing to the eye and the mind. Sage greens are the color choice of most spas for a reason. If Zen had a color, it would be green (like luck and prosperity, I am adding Zen to the list of things a could use a little dose of). It is the color of nature and lush forests. And in the right shade, green is universally flattering. 

These are a few of my favorite pieces in my favorite color. From vintage DVF wrap dress found on eBay, to the Oscar de la Renta I purchased from our friends at Moss Designer Consignment, to a shirtwaist dress from local designer August Morgan, green and white to me is a cool and crisp combo to beat the Texas summer heat. It is more cheerful (and stain friendly) than the LWD I wrote about here, but every bit as appropriate on a hot summer day. I have owned this Diane silk bubble hem dress for a good 15+ years and I have worn it to many a garden party for cocktails or for tea. And you have seen this J Crew jumpsuit on both of us in multiple colors, so it should come as no shock I added the green one to my closet. You know the drill – if you find something you like, buy it in every color! 

When you look at your wardrobe for the summer or any season, why not add a little luck, prosperity, and Zen to your closet.



Images by Breezy Ritter