Judging from the number of likes, comments, and saves we got on this Instagram, this post should be rather successful. And we REALLY WANT IT TO BE because we love the product and the designer. Be sure to read through to the end as there is a special discount for AFL followers.  

We do not remember how Grace of ByGraceAmbrose and AFL found each other, but we are delighted to be working with her and her brand. Grace describes herself as a “creative enthusiast” and her designs as “bespoke handmade accessories inspired by origami techniques.” She also describes her necklaces as “neck candy,” and we could not agree more.

Grace’s designs are simply beautiful, and we were both excited to style up the two she sent us as gifts, fully knowing that these are not For Social Media Only outfit ideas. We are inspired to continually wear our necklaces with different types of outfits, to different types of events – and as we continually say around here since the pandemic hit, “We are excited to wear these, even if it’s just to the grocery store!”

Like so many of us creative enthusiasts, ByGraceAmbrose started as a hobby/distraction/creative outlet that turned into a business she is passionate about. When Grace first began creating neck candy for herself, she realized the more she played around with different textures, colors, designs, and technics, the more people noticed. The more people noticed, the more request and orders began to follow suit. Soon after officially launching ByGraceAmbrose, the company was featured in Vogue, Forbes, and a boutique pop-up at Stylist Live.

This next bit comes directly from her website because it is just sooooooooo spot on!

ByGraceAmbrose is best described as ‘quirky elegance’ that is bold, bright, and playful. Our accessories are designed to celebrate and empower every woman’s individuality by accentuating her personal style and wardrobe. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with the modern woman in mind to compliment her style, unique sass & personality, as she makes her impact wherever she may be, whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom, on the school run, a night out with the girls or that special someone (the possibilities are endless, but we think you get the drift).

And while her pieces are so affordable, it is important to note that ByGraceAmbrose specializes in limited edition designs and one-off pieces, which will not be found on mass production lines as all items are made by hand to order.

We wanted to provide you with a couple of options for both the black Naomi and the blue/green one as well. From casual, backyard looks, to work/mom/life looks, we love the extra bit of specialness these necklaces added to our outfits.

We are excited to announce that Grace has generously offered a discount to the first 20 AFL followers that subscribe to her newsletter.  Visit www.bygraceambrose.com and scroll to the bottom to find her newsletter sign up. USE THE CODE AFL10

The holidays are coming, and those necklaces look like ornaments. Just saying. Or just buy one for yourself, because you deserve it. Either way, you get the extra added benefit of supporting an independent, woman-owned brand!