It all started with the shoes…..

I tend to wear more muted tones whereas Jennifer wears bright colors with aplomb. Then I scored these amazing Manolo Blahnik’s on eBay for $65 (!!!!!) and I began to think about injecting more color into my outfits.


As much as these shoes would pop as the lone color in an all-black ensemble, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. Jennifer was the one that noticed they look like the incredible new installation at Austin’s Blanton Museum of Art, Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin. From the Blanton’s website:            

Ellsworth Kelly‘s Austin is a, “A place for joy and contemplation” “Austin,” the monumental building and final legacy of the late artist Ellsworth Kelly.

We decided to let the art inspire a shoot fun, more editorial post in and around Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin making sure that we wore outfits that actually work in real life. We will do blog posts that get into more outfit details, but for now we hope you enjoy these photos.