We are excited to announce that we are participating in LiketoKNOW.it’s second annual LTK Day on Sunday, July 19th. As two people who could make an Olympic sport out of sale hunting, we are excited to share our best picks to make it easy for you to take advantage of some of the best deals you will see all season. And be sure to read till the end of this post for a special announcement exclusively for AFL followers!

What is LTK Day?
LTK Day is an exclusive, one-day sale opportunity just for registered users on Sunday, July 19th. Enjoy top summer sales from some of your favorite brands exclusively in the LIKETtoKNOW.it app. LTK Day features amazing, in-app discounts from top retailers across fashion, beauty, and more. For more information, click here.

What brands are included in LTK Day?
Some of the brands that we will be promoting are Boden, Frame Demin, Sam Edelman, Outdoor Voices, Lily Silk, Academy Sport, and Nasty Gal. And while we do not promote much makeup on AFL, we are definitely obsessed with it. LTK Day includes fantastic discounts on some of our favorite brands like Colleen Rothschild, Murad, and Tarte. Visit our Instagram stories to learn more.

How good are the discounts?
Pretty darn good, actually. Boden, Frame, and Sam Edelman are offering 25% off, Outdoor Voices is offering 20%, and Nasty Gal is offering a whopping 60% off. Ellen is looking forward to purchasing a few silk pieces from Lily Silk at 15% off and Jennifer has a folder’s worth of Colleen Rothschild goodies saved in her personal LTKI and is patiently waiting to stock up. Many of the participating brands offer discounted or free shipping too.

How do I take advantage of LTK Day deals?
First, download the free Like To Know It app
Next, create a free LTKI account
Find AFL by searching for afashionatinglife under Influencers and press the Follow button
Like our posts and/or save them in your Like To Know It account – There will be special icons that indicate which posts are LKT Day posts and we will point that out in our captions as well
Finally, wait until Sunday, July 19th to make your purchases to receive the special discounts

How long does LTK Day last?
The day and the deals only last for one day, Sunday, July 19th!

Pretty simple, right? We will be posting a lot of LTK Day content between now and then, so be sure and check our Instagram for tips on the best deals! And don’t forget you can always head to our Instagram stories to learn more. We have created a special highlight just for LTK Day.

So, what is that special announcement?
Win a $100 gift certificate to the participating LTK Day brand of your choice! All you have to do is follow AFL on the Like To Know It app.  Anyone who follows us on LTKI from now through July 18th at noon CST will be entered to win. Once you have followed us, please leave us a comment on either this blog post or the post on Instagram letting us know and you will automatically be entered. We will announce the winner by 5 pm CST on Saturday, July 18th so you have it to spend on LTK Day!

See you on LIKEtoKNOW.it and at LTK Day!



Images by Breezy Ritter