Live bold and daring. Love bold and daring. Loud, brave, and determined. Love bold dressing. Lounge in bed, dear.

While I love all those sayings, that last one is speaking to me this Thursday afternoon, because that is really what I wish I were doing currently. What do they all have in common? They all have the acronym, LBD. And while I love the couple of LBDs I do own and believe they are essential to every woman’s closet, I am not the head-to-toe black dressing gal on this blog (and that statement got a big, “woo hoo,” from Ellen so she is ok with this assessment).

Part of our mission says that we want women to see fashion as a powerful tool in the personal story they tell the world. While that story includes a lot more than just clothing, we have encourages women to start with their clothes and let them spark your confidence. Often, how you dress represents how you live, how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and/or can reflect changes you want to make. It is a misnomer that a fresh haircut is the biggest sign of a woman who is about to change her life. We give so many more signals than that!

So, starting today and for the rest of, well, as long as it takes, I am going to live as I dress – bold and daring, as well as loud, brave, and determined. I am winding down on one life path and recently started down a new one that I am rather excited about. This little blog is soon to be the springboard into something bigger for both of us as well.

I like how Ellen sums up this latest phase of life – “welcome to the 17th iteration of what I want to be when I grow up.” When I was in my twenty’s, I panicked over not having it all figured out by some arbitrary age (26 actually). Now that I am firmly in my 40’s, I know that I never want to stop growing up if it means I can never discover something new that brings me fulfillment, either personally or professionally. I never want to stop learning, so why would I want to stop growing?

I saw an incredible stat by AllBright Collective that says, “women are emerging from the pandemic more resilient than ever, with 2 in 3 of us planning on upskilling, and 1 and 45 planning on starting their own business.”

So if my dressing gets louder, bolder, and more daring, take it as a good sign and expect some very exciting announcements to follow shortly thereafter. Let’s just say that things are about to take a fascinating (fashionating?) turn in our little corner of the world wide web and we are excited to bring you along for the ride.