I realize that the whole “make the most of your lockdown” comes from a place of enormous privilege. Jobs that are safe and easily transitioned to work from home, family healthy and happy. Not everyone has the resources, ability, not to mention, desire to use the pandemic as some sort of Eat, Pray, Love rebirth on lockdown – although I did spend the first couple of weeks eating like my life depended on it.

On a normal day, however, I have a running list of things I want to do/see/learn, so it was inevitable I was going to make a list of things to do during quarantine. But like I mentioned in this post, I am going to keep it realistic and attainable. Chances are I am not going to become fluent in HTML or Chinese for that matter. In fact, most of this list is simple and even a little silly, but simple and silly sound like good things to me. And while quite a few of my 2020 goals have been put on hold (one of these years my husband and I will learn to Texas Swing…..), there are still many things I can do to keep me productive in our current circumstances.

Try false eyelashes – I was gifted a very nice pair at an event, and they have been sitting on my vanity for about 5 months now.

Experiment with my makeup – I had an Ipsy subscription for a while and loved it, but it began to pile up more than I could use it. I do tend to use the same products and go for the same look and it is time to step up my game. I have noticed that it often looks like I am not wearing any makeup in my photos (even though I feel like I caked it on!), so I guess you could call this professional development!    

Get better at braiding – Or updos. Or any other hair hack (or two).

I like the fact that these first three can be attempted by locking myself in my bathroom (which honestly is something I am doing anyway), watching fun YouTube videos, and getting creative! Like I said, simple and silly.

Organize the garage – Do I really need to explain this one? Although it is born out of the guilt of being stuck at home with extra time on the weekends, then any real desire. I am not optimistic on this one.

Master the Gucci look – That mismatched, pattern-mixed, vintage-inspired, more is more amazingness that is Gucci. I have a lot of vintage and thrifted pieces that are clearly where Gucci got its ideas, but I usually just wear one piece at a time. I would love to figure out a couple of over-the-top outfits.

Drink more smoothies – I posted a pic of the book, The Smoothie Project on Instagram when lockdown first started because I figured it would be a good time to finally tackle what started as a New Year’s Eve resolution. Beyond just drinking more smoothies, I want to make them part of our daily meals and mean planning and embrace the lifestyle outlined in the book.  

Explore all those exercise programs that have permeated my feed for years – I do feel a bit rude about it, but I have signed up for a few programs that I have always been curious about to take advantage of the free trials. I plan on choosing one, but I did already cancel one the day before they would begin to charge me because I didn’t like it – Sorry, Beachbody Method. I am still using Bikini Body Guide and the Tracy Anderson Method. I also want to try OpenFit before making my final decision. Seeing as how I already mentioned that my first couple of weeks on lockdown were spent eating, I figured this would be a healthier outlet (not to mention answering years of wondering if it really works). Let me know down in the comments if you would like to know my thoughts on each.  

Lastly, I want to continue to find joy in my closet, thinking of outfits, and recreating popular/trendy/designer looks from my closet. This is something that is a highlight of my week when things are normal and I don’t want to give it up. In all honesty, I am wearing more pjs all day and not showering more than is good for my mental health. I may not have anywhere to wear these outfits now, but planning an outfit for my first night out with my husband or drinks with the girls helps keep me positively focused on the future.

And, yes….I am attempting to learn Chinese – A) it is on my list. B) I am addicted to this guy’s YouTube videos. C) I have a couple of free apps and extra time.

I hope you enjoy this list! We would love to know how you are passing the time on lockdown and staying positive.

Images by Breezy Ritter