When we started AFL, we wanted to build a community of women, 40 and older, who wanted to see more of themselves reflected in the billion-dollar influencer space. We then dreamed of making a boatload of money, curating collections for some of our favorite brands, designing our own capsule collection, and becoming “besties” with style icons we have long admired.

While we love the community we are building, the rest are a work in progress…BUT I did receive an email from the “people” of one of those long-admired style icons that included the words, “we have been watching your account and love what you are doing.” Still nowhere near besties, but the fact that her brand knows I exist is a GIANT check in the win column.

The style icon I am speaking of is the fabulous Trinny Woodall founder and CEO of the disruptive beauty brand @trinnylondon. She has had a successful twenty-year career in the fashion and beauty space, but I first fell in love with her, her wit, and her style on the original version of What Not to Wear. That show was on BBC long before TLC came along to bring it across the pond. Next came makeover shows featuring Trinny and her style partner in crime, the equally fab, Susannah before making regular appearances in Oprah’s universe. Trinny has spent her career helping people find their most flattering styles, the best skincare, and perfectly matched, foolproof makeup.

She founded #trinnylondon in 2017, based on her unique idea of portable, stackable luxurious makeup. Now nearly four years old, Trinny London has won countless beauty awards and is sold in over 65 countries. Using a first-of-its-kind Match2Me technology, the brand analyzed over 3,000 women to help everyone find the shades that perfectly suit their skin, hair, and eye color combo.

After dancing around my house and answering the email in a (semi) professional manner, they were kind enough to send me a customized stack and more:

-BFF De-stress Serum in Claire. True to its name, this product is my new BFF. This active, tinted skincare formula helps to reduce the appearance of everyday stress on your skin. It offers the perfect, light dewy coverage I have been looking for. It is the only type of foundation I have used since I received it and I have no plans to going using anything else. I have put it over an SPF for added protection and/or added some translucent powder if the occasion calls. Use a little for blended spot coverage or all over your face for natural-looking radiant skin. And the packaging. As someone who geeks out over packaging, the serum comes in a tube with a pump top which will make it easy for me to squeeze out every drop of this wonder serum!

-Eye2Eye Eye Shades in Mystery and Wisdom. The first two products in my stack are Trinny’s moisture-rich, cream-based eye shades in two of the most perfect earthy shades that I love wearing with my hazel eyes. These Eye Shades never dry out or clump up in my lid creases, and the color stays just as strong all day. Or night. I spread a little bit on for those days I want a no-makeup makeup look and then just add a layer or two more for a more dramatic eye. These Eye Shades work great for a smokey eye as well and went on smoother as an eyeliner with my eyeliner brush than when I used powder shadows.

Lip2Cheek in Veebee and LipGlow in Bella. The lip and cheek products rounded out my stack of four. I put them on the same line because I use them interchangeably. Lip2Cheek is Trinny London’s multitasking lip and cheek hero that makes your entire complexion come alive with that healthy glow. The LipGlow offers a sheer, buildable tint to your own lip color. Enriched with vitamin E, it moisturizes lips while providing a beautiful, natural shine. Plus, all LipGlow colors have a delicious watermelon scent.

And when I say stack, I mean a literal stack. Trinny’s system is the ultimate easy, modern, do-it-everywhere, premium beauty brand. Cream-based and versatile, this is portable, stackable makeup that lightens up your cosmetic load. No more overstuffed pouch of 15+ products when all you need to carry around is an adorably compact stack and possibly mascara. I look forward to adding more colors and product lines to my stack so I can play around with my daily and day-to-night looks.

I may be 48 years old, but I have no problem losing my cool and totally fangirling out over Trinny. I worked for the GRAMMYS, etc., and have met many huge rockstars and other famous people, no problem. Yet even my husband remarked that he has never seen me this excited about a celebrity (although I did lose my shit at the mere thought of meeting Dolly Parton, but sadly it was not meant to be).

Trinny has always been unapologetically herself delivering style – and life – advice with insight and humor. Trinny helps people embrace their uniqueness to put forth the best versions of themselves. Twenty-plus years later, she balances running an empire with being a single mom and she continually kicks ass in an industry that is one of the worst when it comes to valuing youth over pretty much everything else.  

Let me know if you remember the BBC What Not to Wear and Trinny Woodall. And let me know if you check out this awesome makeup line!


Photography by Breezy Ritter