We talk a lot about trends over here. What is a trend? Do we follow trends? Does anyone not follow trends? How do you wear a trend without feeling trendy? And on and on. Over the years, even pre-blog, we have discussed if military and camo is a trend or a staple. This ends with us usually declaring we do not much care because we like it.

And it goes beyond fashion. If you remember this post on our IG in honor of Veteran’s Day, Jennifer is wearing her father’s fatigues from when he served in Korea. Since he is gone now, this outfit is now a connection to her father.

For this post, we wanted to explore if we could take military influence, and even camo and style it for the evening as well as for daytime. Using a combination of both new pieces, as well as vintage pieces, thrift scores, and eBay finds.

Day Time
Ellen – At first I thought that my vintage Ralph Lauren jacket was more band uniform than military, but it looks just like a West Point uniform according to Jennifer and her partner who happens to be a graduate of the Academy. Either way, I love it. This is a Goodwill find that cost under $10 and it added a different vibe to Ralph Lauren collection, which consists mostly of pieces that are either pioneer or preppy (more on that soon). I paired it with Frame jeans, and gold boots that I do not wear enough. I loved how all the gold buttons added to the military uniform feel of the outfit.

JenniferFrom my IG post: Growing up an Army brat, and now the sister and partner of one, OD Green has been a standard in my family wardrobe for as long as I can recall. As a child, my brother and I loved dressing up in our dad’s uniforms, so it was a special moment when I recently found a few of these pieces – His old camo flak jacket and Vietnam-era fatigues from when he was stationed in Korea in the late 60s.

And they fit. Like a glove, almost as if they were custom made for me. I called my mom squealing with delight and she recited his exact height, weight, and measurements to me from that time, and in a weird twist of fate, they are almost exactly mine today.

My dad has been gone since 2003, so these fatigues and these pictures are particularly special to me. And while it may look like just a cute, vintage military-inspired outfit, it is a lot more than that. It is a connection to my dad. A man I am proud of for so many reasons, not the least of which was his dedication to serving his country.

Ellen – I may have cheated a little with my dress choice because I am relying on the color, but I do not care. This is a Zara dress from a few years back that I found on eBay after it sold out. It is heavy, jiggles when I walk, and I love it. For those New Year’s Eve celebrations where I would normally be on my feet all night, I paired it with my Dr. Martens for both comfort and military vibes.

Jennifer – While Ellen went for her thrifted and new finds, I used one of my favorite style tricks – pattern mixing. It started with my camo jacket from Nordstrom that I paired with these amazing Cynthia Rowley pants in a gold and black animal print. They have a high-waist and flared leg that makes them even more dramatic.

And while we wish we were all dressed up for this NYE celebration, we are hunkered down at home in basic joggers, reflecting on this past year with our families. We wish all of you a safe and happy New Year!

Photography by Breezy Ritter