If you remember in this post, I described my feelings toward a certain shopping app, as well as the guilt and trepidation of trying to turn a profit off the community I am working hard to build and care so much about. But all – not most – of the comments on this and the supporting social posts were positive and encouraging. I did a poll and around 90% said they wanted me to tag who and what I was wearing. Still, the “shop my looks posts” have been few and far between. 

I think I have finally found a way that makes me not only comfortable but excited to “sell” on AFL. Besides, just getting over my trepidations with the shopping app, I am officially a reseller on two sites that are great avenues for me to sell new, gently used, and vintage/thrifted/designer consignment pieces I am no longer wearing or gems I find on racks that won’t work for me, but I know my followers might love.   

And let’s be honest. This is also a sustainable way for me to feed my habit. It will also help extend the life of clothes, allow me to share more of my personal style (literally), and hopefully look back fondly at these first few tentative steps towards building my empire. 

Poshmark – Poshmark is an online marketplace for clothing, shoes, and accessories, and is often called an online thrift store. Although rather than donate, you sell your own items for whatever profit you can make. Poshmark sells all your favorite brands at up to 70% off, and while there is a good amount of vintage and true thrift pieces, it is where we will sell most, if not all, of our more modern pieces. Think Banana Republic, J Crew, Ann Taylor, and Madewell to name a few.   

Poshmark is both a site and an app. You can find us by clicking https://poshmark.com/closet/aflblog or by finding us at @aflblog on the app. We are selling so much workwear, casual wear, as well as a select few vintage pieces on Poshmark.   

Object Limited – Oh, what a new addiction is this, both as a buyer and a seller. It has been called, “The ultimate vintage app,” by Vogue Magazine and even Domino Magazine said, “The finds are amazing.” Both are true. Object Limited is a vintage shopping experience as they have sourced curated secondhand items from of the most aspirational closets and homes of people with amazing taste. There are hundreds of choices for every style and budget. 

Object Limited is an app only that is easily downloaded for free online or in the app store. You can shop us there at @afashionatinglife. And if you remember the video I did that showcased all of the fabulous vintage leather pieces I was given by a friend, you can buy them all on Object Limited.   

LIKETOKNOW.it – If you still are not sure what LTKI is, it is a free shopping app that allows you to shop the looks of influencers. If you follow AFL on the app, you can get all the outfit details sent to you in an email by screenshotting the image or by hearting the image on the app itself. The link to our LTKI page is https://www.shopltk.com/explore/AFASHIONATINGLIFE or you can find us on the app by searching for AFASHIONATINGLIFE in the search bar.     

The items on LIKETOKNOW.it are usually current, modern fashions from major retailers like Nordstrom, Asos, Shopbop, Macy’s, & Other Stories, and more. You can also link to Etsy shops, and I am thinking about doing a weekly, or bi-monthly column highlighting a favorite seller. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

One last thing to know about LTKI is that you can shop more than just clothing and accessories. Home décor, makeup, and more of your favorite influencers are a couple of clicks away from being yours.

I am especially excited about the supporting content around these ventures. I get a lot of requests on everything from sharing my tips for finding gems to a request that breaks my heart – I am too big to shop for vintage and thrift. While many of the fashions on the secondary market are for some of the tiniest women who ever lived, I promise there is plenty of vintage and thrifted treasure for every body type.









Photography by Breezy Ritter