As we continue down our journey to feeling empowered through our daily fashion choices, we wanted to talk about designer consignment. Consignment is the only way many of us own those special items bearing a certain label we could not otherwise afford. And while both of us believe that style isn’t based on who you wear but how you are wear, it we love our designer finds. We embrace the high-low principle and thelove the vibe you get from pairing a Louis Vuitton bag with a $10 vintage dress. Complete the look with either classic Chuck Taylors, the current ugly sandal trend or whatever your go-to accessories are. These unexpected combinations are uniquely you and help define your personal style.  

From Jennifer
One man’s trash is another’s treasure – you’ve heard the old adage.  Well, we are here to tell you there is no trash to be found at Moss Designer Consignment.  It’s easily our favorite boutique in Austin – as both consignors and shoppers – and we can safely say a good chunk of our wardrobe comes from their racks.  Just one more of life’s details we instantly bonded over – the hunt for designer treasure. That and understanding how important looking polished and even powerful is to both of us. Sometimes the label gives you the external boost your internal voice needs to feel your most confident. 

From Ellen
The way Moss works is that all items have three prices. The price falls every month for three months. That way if something is out of budget now, you can chance it and come back after the price lowers. Beware! Many items do sell before you return, regardless of price level. Both Jennifer and I have had our hearts broken playing a sartorial roulette of sorts. The flip side is that we have both gotten so major scores waiting til the lowest price (although the top tier price is still an amazing deal!). In fact, I am wearing “that Gucci belt” from a few seasons ago that I purchased at Moss. My price? $75!   

From Jennifer
The best approach to Moss is to set aside a good hour + to peruse the racks in their entirety.  You want plenty of time to try on and accessorize with the yummy baubles and shoes they also offer.  It’s a great girlfriend’s meet up, which is what we did this particular day.  Ellen had some expired items to pick up and I was dropping off a couple things for consignment.  We brought our coffee and made a morning of it. 

I’m always on the lookout for a great dress – for work, play, date night, or just knocking around.  This is my usual focus at Moss.  On this trip I found several I adored – from an elegant white shift dress that would be great for a business cocktail event, and beige linen military jacket style dress with beaded collar for a ladies’ lunch, to the pool-worthy drool-worthy rainbow caftan because Texas summer lasts forever, and claret woodblock print maxi dress that ended up going home with me and out on the town that weekend for date night! I also scored a pair of hot skinny jeans with rips in all the right places for a different kind of date night sometime in the future. 

Like all consignment, thrift, and second-hand stores, you have to check early and often at Moss as they constantly receive new items.  You can easily follow along on their Instagram and check their website for updates, but there’s nothing like getting your hands on the goods to help make or break a new purchase. 

 From Ellen 
I have two ways of approaching Moss Designer Consignment. Either I take my time, with no agenda, browsing the racks for that one-of-a-kind designer treasure or I am laser focused on one or two specific items I have been stalking on their dreamy Instagram feed.

This trip, however, was a little bit of both. I had my eye on those bright Tory Burch wide leg pants, which fit like a dream and were an easy YES. I also had my eye on the tapestry booties, but they ended up being just a tad too snug. After crossing those two items of my list, I perused the rest of the racks and ended up trying on a mixture of caftan, maxis or day to evening dresses. The fact that I had credit on file made the shopping trip even better #retailmath – Jennifer mentioned that here and we promise more on that in a future post.

While I was there, I picked up a few of my pieces that didn’t sell to donate to Dress for Success. This is optional as Moss will donate your unsold items to The Settlement Home or Austin Pets Alive. Both are wonderful, very deserving local organizations!

We are so excited that they have recently expanded to San Antonio!

Moss Designer Consignment ticks all the boxes. Conscious consumption and designer deals at a local woman-owned business.