Shopping credits for the fringed fabulousness in the featured image: Jennifer’s dress is from Tarrytown Pharmacy and Ellen’s is from Spring Frost. 

Another reason we were excited to be on Studio512tv, was because we could promote some of our favorite places to shop around town. We only had 8 minutes to talk about who we are, what the blog is about as well as plug each store AND show the many fabulous items we pulled for the spot? Yeah, not gonna happen. I guess it is good that we have this blog to say all that we wanted to about these stores. So here is everything we wished we could have said on live TV, as well as an honorable mention that could use some love.

The first store we talked about is Pavement Austin, a great modern and recycled clothing store. We like it so much we already wrote a post about it, which we are linking here.

One thing we did want to add is Jennifer is wearing an Etro dress she bought there for under $50 for the interview – pick below. A brief internet search shows that similar dresses sell for about $800-$1,300.

The Details
611 South Lamar Boulevard

The next store on our list is Style Encore, an upscale resale establishment in North Austin. We love this store for many reasons: Kristi, the owner, knows her audience and stocks a great selection; the selection is well organized by categories, brands, designer level, etc.; and being resale, you get cash on the spot.

While both Pavement and Style Encore have more upscale looks, Pavement is where we would go to find outfits for ACL Fest and SXSW. Style Encore is where we would go for more chic, polished, even glamourous looks. Loyal to a particular brand? Style Encore has dedicated selections to brands that have a faithful following, like Anthro, Lululemon, and others.

They have a great selection of curated designer and vintage pieces too. In fact, this is one of the places I visited the day I figured out if I had just thrifted Louboutins for ridiculously cheap at Goodwill. They had a few pairs of real Loubys, and it was fun to do a side-by-side comparison.

The Details
Style Encore
2929 West Anderson Lane

Ellen turned Jennifer on to Spring Frost, a hidden gem for designer deals and personal styling on Burnet. We have both discovered more incredible brands from shopping at Spring Frost than from browsing endless hours on endless shopping sites. This also where you go to find amazing deals on brands you already know, like Johnny Was, A.L.C., Stuart Weitzman, Rebecca Minkoff, the current pantheon of IT designer denim labels, and more.

#funfact – the owner’s name is Spring Frost. Another other #funfact – this place has the BEST sales. From Ellen:

I once requested personal time off to be at Spring Frost’s Tent Sale from the moment it opened. I also requested personal time off to do the same for their Brown Bag Sale. Both times, my boss was Jennifer, so I didn’t need to lie and say I had a doctor’s appointment or anything. And I do remember her response being an, “ohh have fun,” a lament that she could not join, and a request to pick up anything I thought she would like and she would pay me back.

The info on the Tent Sale is just the deepest of deep discounts off the original price of their high-end selections. Ellen once got a pair of Aquazzura pumps for around $75. The Brown Bag Sale is our favorite though. For about $200-$250, you purchase your average brown grocery bag (or feel free to BYO). Whatever you can stuff into that puppy is yours for the aforementioned price. You do NOT walk away from this sale without just having purchased thousands of dollars of items for just a couple of hundred bucks. And as Jennifer exclaimed upon hearing about the Brown Bag Sale for the first time, “I can stuff a bag, sister!”

The Details
Spring Frost
5101 Burnet Road

The most unexpected place on our list is Tarrytown Pharmacy. Yes, a pharmacy. This place is more than a gem, it is an Austin institution has been in the community for over 75 years. They also have the best gifts, cards, wrapping, and so much more. Plus, your pharmacy needs, but whatevs, we are talking affordable style here, ladies!

From a faux suede fringe dress to the best on-the-go tops, and stylish joggers for every woman, their clothes are that perfect blend of effortless, polished hic that somehow works so well in modern offices, as well as the current work from home lifestyle. Jennifer’s favorite outfit we pulled was the black cowl neck sweater paired with the animal print midi skirt and the contrasting green animal print bag. Also, Jennifer may or may not insist upon having her prescriptions filled at Tarrytown Pharmacy to stay current on their latest selection……. 

The Details
Tarrytown Pharmacy
Casis Shopping Center
2727 Exposition Boulevard

We wanted to not just one of our favorite stores, but one of our favorite people as well. Alta Alexander, owner of Altatudes is amazing from head to toe. A designer boutique with “an exalted sense of style,” Alta has the best eye for the next big brand. Jennifer swears she was the first person to stock Lack of Color hats as well as the Copenhagen brand, Stine Goya in Austin.

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a horrible year for our friend’s business. First, it was hit by the pandemic. Next, Altatudes lost pretty much everything in a fire that took her entire inventory.  You can read more here. So please visit her website that we have linked below and look at the luxury basics she is currently offering. We would love to see Alta get back to her noble style throne as soon as possible.

The Details
1717 East 12th Street

And finally, an honorable mention that we would have loved to include in the spot, but 8 minutes and all. That store is Just Between Us, a consignment store that offers up to 75% off retail. Their selection includes everything from designer goods to casual brands to a rather large selection of UT gear because, #hookem

Just Between Us has been in business for over 30 years, making it the longest standing consignment shop in the city. They have a great consignment program that does a 60/40 split on all consigned items. Toni, one of the owners, gets to know her consigners and treats them as valued partners. She will actively tell you to hold your items and come back in just a few weeks to help you get top dollar. Ellen recently scored some wonderful Eileen Fisher pieces at Just Between us: The chocolate brown linen wide-leg pants and oversized blouse set of her dreams.

And again, the pandemic has been particularly hard on Just Between Us. To learn a little bit more about this neighborhood gem, watch Toni on KVUE news here. But we do plan on doing a blog post with the ladies at Just Between Us next month, to hopefully give them a much-needed boost for the holiday season.

The Details
Just Between Us
13233 Pond Springs Road

We hope you enjoy this list! For any local ladies reading, we would love it if you would comment with some of your favorite places to shop below on our Instagram.


Outfits featured below were styled with pieces from the above-mentioned stores.