I don’t generally do pink with my red…. And when I do, it’s usually an orangey-pink, more of a coral – along the lines of this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, “Living Coral.” But when a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I set out to find something to wear in her honor and came across this gorgeous velvet blazer from J Crew in the perfect rose-colored hue. I paired it with a monochromatic column of navy underneath – Ann Taylor pencil trouser and ruffle neck blouse – and a sassy pair of Tory Burch loafers adorned with a shiny beetle. 


Growing up fair complected and with strawberry blonde hair, people had a tendency to steer me toward pastels – too sweet for me!  I opted for jewel tones and darker, brighter hues.  That’s why this jacket stood out to me – it’s a deep mauve, in a yummy velvet, one-button style, with a nice matching silk lining that peeks out when you roll the cuff and pop the collar. 


I’ll wear this jacket with grey for a warm winter look; or as you can see here, denim jeans and a classic white button-up for a casual look.  You could also pair it with a patterned brocade pant for a modern and colorful twist on the tuxedo for an evening or cocktail look. 


For someone who normally steers clear of this side of the color wheel, I have to admit, I feel pretty in this pink. 


And as luck would have it, according to awards season and the red carpet, pink is the color of the day right now.  Check out the screen grabs below of all the vermillion, rose, pink, and fuchsia gowns that graced the Oscars.