As people who are old enough to remember when pantyhose were required workwear, these two fashionistas LOVE the more relaxed, almost anything goes office dress code that more and more industries are adopting (and if you work in a more conservative environment where pantyhose are still required, please know that we feel your pain!).

For this post, we wanted to highlight how we both styled the same Led Zeppelin tee shirt for work in two very different ways.

Jennifer is the best when it comes to mixing prints and I love how her outfit turned out. It is the perfect outfit to go from day to night – with that skirt and those shoes, all she has to do is remove the jacket and she is ready to go at almost any Austin music venue.

For my look, I wanted to highlight my favorite Topshop suit. Suits used to be so boring that I hated wearing them. Now they come in all sorts of different prints and colors. I find myself reaching for this suit all the time, whether I am wearing the entire thing or just using one of the pieces. The color is so fun! I also included pictures of this suit with just your basic shell underneath. If it isn’t appropriate to wear a band tee shirt to your job, this purple suit is lively enough on its own to infuse your work wardrobe with vibrancy.