I agreed to start this passion project with Ellen at a time when my life was at its pinnacle. By the time we launched it, I couldn’t have been farther from the person who agreed to partner up on it. No longer comfortable in front of a camera, promoting myself, exposing my life, or condoning abject consumerism, I wanted a small, quiet existence with my son, out of the public eye, focused on play dates and family dinners.

But Ellen assured me we were filling a niche that spoke to countless women out here just like me, whose confidence had been shattered, whose world had shrunk, and who thought they just needed to keep their heads down and their feet forward. She has been my biggest cheerleader when my life was big, and my staunchest supporter as my life contracted and transformed. How could I let her down now?

From its inception, this blog has not been about showing women designer deals. It’s about putting 40-something women in a place to see and be seen – and for any woman who feels invisible in their life regardless of age. It’s simple…when you look good, you feel good. Our goal is to help women in their 40’s feel seen and empowered through fashion in their everyday lives.  Here are a few past pics where I feel strong, confident and pretty. There’s nothing fancy here about my clothes – all sourced from my own closet but worn with my head held high and my priorities positively adjusted. I am taking my power back one outfit at a time.

But we can’t build this alone. We look very forward to connecting with like-minded women, regardless of age, who feel for whatever reason feel unseen. Fashion can be a powerful tool in your journey to show the world who you really are. Let’s do this together.