I have been thinking a lot about shoes. Mainly it is because I have no reason to wear them. #quarantineproblems I think it started with styling my vintage Miu Miu’s.

Specifically, I have been thinking about those articles on “Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet.” A quick google search showed that they all include a nude heel, a black heel, a go-to sneaker, an ankle boot, a pair of wedges, maybe one or two statement shoes, usually in an animal or reptile print, and, if you are really lucky, a wildcard pair.  These lists need to be revisited.

While I am not denying that these shoes can play an important role in every woman’s closet, but must we have them? Moment of truth, I do not own a classic nude pump, and wedges have never been my thing, and I seem to get along perfectly fine, sartorially speaking.

What do I have? A lot of what those lists consider statement shoe, or better yet, the wildcard. 

So please enjoy my updated list of shoes you should consider owning. Alternative title, “Rethinking the Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet.” Or even better, “Shoes That Will Make You Even More Excited for a Post Lockdown Pedicure.”

Cowboy or Cowboy Influenced Boot – SPOILER ALERT we are doing a post specifically on this, but can we just stop pretending that western anything is a trend? It is a trend that reappears season after season that it is time to call it what it is – a timeless staple. 

With that out of the way, this Texifornian highly recommends adding a pair of cowboy boots to your closet. It does not have to be a true cowboy boot, like Lucchese (but they are amazingly comfortable, as well as stylish). Cowboy influenced boots are all over the place and at different price points, but my addiction to the Ganni cowboy boot is well documented on this blog. See here, here, and here

Brogues or Oxfords – Borrowing from the boys is a style formula we have yet to tackle, but this style of footwear is not only smart and fashionable, but they can also add interest and excitement to any outfit thanks to their unique perforations. These shoes are the perfect juxtaposition to feminine pieces, which gives an immediate “cool girl” vibe rather than looking overly saccharine. Subcategories include Doc Martens and loafers.    

Statement Sneaker – comfortable and fashionable. Do I really need to say anything more?

Kitten Heel – This ladylike style of shoe has always been my favorite to thrift. You have no idea how many pairs of Dior, Fendi, Etienne Aigner, Prada, and more I have found in second-hand stores for around $10. And while I do love a high heel, kitten heels have always been a more feminine, foot-friendly, fav. You can wear them in the same ways you wear their higher counterpart. Plus, they come is such fun textures, patterns, and embellishments, that their outfit possibilities are endless.    

Ugly Sandal– be it Birks, Tevas, or latest trendy take, find the sandal that is so comfy you could not care less how ugly it is and rock it with purpose and aplomb (but not crocs. Anything but crocs #sorrynotsorry). This shoe is the perfect mix of form and function, so whether you like it or not, the ugly sandal is here to stay.

A Bold Color….or two – When I was reading this to my teen, he asked if the, “or two” meant that you need a couple of pairs of bold colored shoes or if the shoes themselves should have more than one bold color. My answer to that question was, “yes.” Find what works for you. If wearing a rainbow on your shoe (figurative or otherwise) is too much, start with one color. I have a pair of Zara pumps in a Kelly green that I love. I also have my multi-colored Marskin Ryyppy sandals that get a lot of attention IRL and on Instagram.  

What are your must-have shoes? We would love to know your thoughts on this list and add any other styles we may have missed. And in the immortal words of Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Images by Breezy Ritter