Everyone has this in their closet – the piece(s) that we love and hold dearly in our heart but have not worn for many reasons. It could be because it looks outdated, it might need tailoring, or perhaps we just don’t know what to pair it with. Whatever that is, if you love it, it’s worth holding on to. As a personal stylist, I always strive to understand my clients’ needs and wants.

When Ellen showed me this beautiful Hermès blazer that she inherited from her father-in-law, I immediately thought about its versatility. Men’s blazers aren’t cut the same way as women’s blazers. The fit will most likely be oversized and it can be overwhelming for certain body types (petite). Fortunately, I know that Ellen can pull off an oversized look.

Before I started pulling pieces from Rags to style Ellen, I “cyber-stalked” her in order to get to know her personal style. I used my knowledge from previous interactions with her as well as my judgement on what would look good on her. I wanted to coordinate the pieces I pulled with her existing wardrobe to highlight both. I asked her to bring several key pieces (turtleneck sweater, high-waist pants, knee-high boots, etc.) before the session. I wanted to show her that this supposedly unstylable piece can be paired with many different things for different seasons and looks.

Ellen arrived wearing her turtleneck sweater tucked into extra wide leg, high-waisted pants. She was carrying the blazer in her arm and  I just simply added over the top of Ellen’s beautiful outfit to use it as an overcoat. Her velvet, leopard boots were the perfect visual interest!

The second outfit is a beautiful midnight blue knit sweater with hand-painted silver leaves by Dries van Noten paired with vibrant pink color cigarette legs pants by A.L.C. I’m using her Hermès blazer as a “double-breasted” look by adding belt to accentuate her waist.

I wanted to show the versatility of this blazer by creating a look that’s perfect for Spring season in the third look. I put her in a silky blouse by Equipment, a printed ankle-length pants by Elie Tahari, and a pair of gray slip on sneakers. I styled the blazer by draping it over her shoulders, which can be easily taken off when it gets too warm.

Draping a blazer over your shoulder can be a great for an evening look as well as you can see with the fourth outfits. I picked this timeless A-line silhouette dress by Lyn Devon. I added a vintage belt with gold pendants and placed it on the narrowest part of her waist to create a visual interest and an hourglass shape.

There are many more looks that can be done with this Hermès blazer. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to show everyone  – especially Ellen – what can be done with an unstyleable piece. Just remember, if it means that much to you, it’s worth holding on to until the inspiration strikes. And you can always ask for help. Helping you breathe life into the pieces you already own is just one of the many services of a personal stylist. We love helping you figure out how to wear and style items that fit your shape, personality and lifestyle.


Fashionator:  noun – one who lives fashionably through attitude, personal style, health, and beauty

Related: Trend-setter, style maker, trailblazer, community leader, influencer, boundary breaker

The Fashionator Series celebrates the modern woman or man who embraces life with impeccable style

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Wednesday, March 4th 5- 7 pm
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Images by Breezy Ritter