I have spoken for my love of styling sweatshirts in unexpected ways before. I started collecting stylish ones when I was full-time momming as I could go from the playground to a nice lunch just by switching from leggings to jeans and stylish kicks. Since going back to work, I have been fortunate enough to work in settings that allows me to express my fashion creativity since the official dress code is lack to practically non-existent. With the weather still yucky and dressing in layers still key, I decided to break out this H&M sweatshirt I found a Buffalo Exchange with a vintage purple and white striped classic Ralph Lauren men’s button-down I found at Goodwill. For a fun touch, I paired by Gucci loafers (eBay score) with these fun purple sparkly socks that were in my stocking this past Christmas. I want to play around with showing socks more in my #ootds – working up to the socks with peep toe sandals that I see on my Street Style Pinterest boards – so I received quite a few pairs and need to start wearing them. Plus, this was a great way to tie in the purple from my shirt. 

ICMYI, here is how I styled my favorite vintage sweatshirt last year. This Micky Mouse version is another compliment-getter. Fellow parents and fellow co-workers all appreciate the sentiment on the sweatshirt. This time I paired it with a fun zippered pencil skirt from Asos and another pair of favorite designer consignment finds, these patent clear and black Chanel heels I purchased at Moss Designer Consignment. Both looks combine vintage finds with designer consignment and more current pieces – my style trifecta!    

Dressing up sweatshirts in unexpected ways with unexpected pieces is a fun way to inject personality into your outfit without spending a lot of money. While I wouldn’t classify sweatshirts as trendy per say, wearing them with fancier pieces, like sequin skirts, is. They are a great way to play with trends that you are not sure you want to commit to. If that sweatshirt doesn’t end up working with that suit or trousers, then all you are “stuck” with is a cute top to wear casually, while lounging at home.  

Images by Breezy Ritter