Our Unstyleable Party with Will of House of Owl was last week, and it was so much fun – not to mention sartorially informative. I cannot tell you how many style tips he taught me and the other attendees of the party. He helped one attendee style bright pink glitter booties and another with a designer denim vest with patches. Everyone walked away inspired to style their unstyleable item, as well as other underappreciate items in their closets, in new and exciting ways. A few other tips I learned at our Unstyleable party include:   

Play With Layers – One partygoer brought a beautiful button-down linen blouse that Will paired with wide-legged jeans and a kimono. He styled both the blouse and the kimono loose, untucked and untied. The layers were very elongating and visually interesting. As someone who is forever tucking everything, I am going to have to give this look a try.

Accentuate Your Favorite Feature – Another attendee had a very tiny waist and Will added amazing vintage belts from Rags inventory that took her outfits to the next level (and looked great with the aforementioned pink glitter booties). Some many women start outfit planning by focusing on what they don’t like and dressing to hide it. Embracing what you enjoy most about yourself leads to a flattering outfit – and a positive outlook.

Just Try It On – This is the most important one. All night long, I heard, “I never would have tried it on if Will hadn’t made me!” It’s the reason why I ended up with the vintage flared Levi’s and it why Ellen paired her gray “unstyleable” blazer with a lavender skirt. While hanger appeal is important, if something strikes your fancy, just try it on.

Another special treat for attendees came from Danielle Martinez of Danielle Martinez Acupuncture. She provided Swarovski crystal acupuncture “seeds” which are placed in the ear and help energize the central nervous system. Guests were very excited to try this form of blinged out Zen and we were happy that they left feeling fabulous both inside and out.

Thank you to Will, Rags, Ritual Austin, Danielle Martinez and the fabulous community of women who came out to support our event!

Images by Breezy Ritter