We recently gave an interview to a wonderful podcast and blog called The Flaws of Friendship, a space for women to celebrate friendships as imperfect as they may be! When Stacey sent it to us to approve, we could not wait for it to go live. This piece could not have captured us more perfectly.

For anyone who is new, we are two friends who have essentially gone into business with each other despite all the warnings. Add to that the extra layers our relationship has evolved from employer/employee to a woman-centric partnership but one where we essentially switched rolls. Oh, and a friendship started along the way.

People wonder if/how we make it work and this interview will give you a real idea of just how and just why. One of our favorite lines?

“Welcome someone who challenges you, disagrees with you, and has different opinions, as long as they do it respectfully. At the end of the day, differing opinions can give you a better, more successful product than if you were sitting around telling each other everything is great.”  

Read more at flawsoffriendship.com or click here. We would love to know your thoughts below! 

And now if only one of us could read this without crying.