“When I become a mom, I will never feed my child fast food.”

“I will never use the television as a babysitter. In fact, my child will not watch much TV at all.”

“How hard can breastfeeding be?”

“I don’t care how much I love my child, I will never wear ‘mom jewelry’.” 

And those are just a few of the declarative statements we both said….before we actually became moms. And most of us actual mothers now know, it does not take long for most of them to go quickly out the window. The one thing that we both hung on to the longest was that last one – no mom jewelry. Not even a piece with just birthstones in it. We both tended to visualize the hokey pieces our moms wore.

That is until we were recently contacted by oNecklace, a personalized jewelry company that makes monogrammed pieces for every taste, asking if we would like to give them a try. Both of us gravitated toward the Letter Pendant Necklace, only except instead of our own initials, we chose to get ones in honor of our boys.

From Jennifer
Since gold is my thing, that was an easy choice. The necklace is the perfect length for layering with all my other daily pieces. I love that it is a subtle, classy piece, but it has special meaning for me, almost like it is my little secret. Deciding which style I wanted was more difficult. Putting everything we said about not wanting overt “mom jewelry” aside, I was THIS CLOSE to getting his name on a Carrie Bradshaw necklace!

From Ellen
I love mixing metals and have been on a rose gold kick lately. Once I decided this was the style I wanted, I knew I would choose that finish. Since I have two boys, I thought I was going to get one necklace with two charms. I was pleasantly surprised when two necklaces showed up. Like Jennifer, I love them as a layering piece. Unlike Jen, though, I did not have a set of necklaces I wore daily like my rings or bracelets. Since these arrived a few weeks ago, I have yet to take them off. They have yet to get tangled and thus far, my workouts and showers have yet to bother them. And they look good with everything!

To reiterate, oNecklace is a personalized jewelry company, not a mom jewelry company, so there are gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. From rings to bracelets, lockets, keychains, bridesmaid’s gifts, kids’ jewelry, and more. And right now, everything is 25-40% off with an extra 15% off with the code XMAS15, so we hope you will check them out.

We were gifted our necklaces, but the opinions are our own. We thank you for supporting the brands that support A Fashionating Life.



Photography by B & L Creative