Wrapping up unofficial Thrift Flip week with another old favorite of mine. Like this post, where I showed you how I have been turning pillowcases into skirts since I was in junior high, my next fashion hack is one that I have not seen much on the internet (although my photographer, Breezy, ruined me by saying she has seen it in the movie, PS, I Love You). 

I love dressing up plain shoes with clip earrings. All the shoes you see here were thrifted (yes, I leave the tags on to remind myself of the bargain). All the earrings you see were purchased from my favorite online jewelry site, VintageMeetModern.com. The only exception is the Chanel pair, which were purchased a few years ago on eBay. I love how this extra detail adds something special to my outfit and assures that the shoes I am wearing are one-of-a-kind. 

That is yet another thing I love about thrifting. You can customize your clothes to truly fit you and your personal style. Like in this IG post, I took a pair of scissors to a dress that did not fit right because I only wanted the top part. The dress only cost $8, so there was no hesitation with buying and cutting it, which you probably would not do to something you paid full retail price. In all honesty, you would not buy a dress that did not fit right, let alone cut it in half, but this dress was on its last stop before the landfill and was worth rescuing. 

There is so much style freedom in the racks. I love taking a thrifted piece that intrigues me but is not quite right and imagining all the things I can do to make it fit my personal style: crop it, hem it, shorten legs, remove sleeves, add appliques or studs, tie-dye or overdye it, turn one piece into a matching set, and the list goes on and on! It also helps build your fashion creativity muscles since you look beyond what is in your hands to see something uniquely you. And since I do not have the skills it takes to turn quilts into quilted coats, etc., I rely on a good tailor, as well as my own imagination to picture pillowcases as skirts and clip earrings to shoes.

Photography by Breezy Ritter