Encouraging women in their 40s and beyond to feel empowered by fashion in their everyday lives. Inspiring women to embrace their personal style and see clothes as a powerful tool in the story they tell the world.  

A Fashionating Life chronicles the daily stylings and influences of two fashion-loving, career moms who have a desire to see themselves reflected in the fashion blogs they follow. With three children and over 30 years’ experience in the working world, they have plenty of life experience and a unique point of view for the influencer space…..as does so many other 40 something women.    

We have a deep affinity for shopping on the secondary market and believe a vintage modern mix is the quickest route to unique outfits that express your personal style. We believe that sartorial rules based on a women’s age should be ignored. We emphasize style over fashion and that clothing is an investment in your confidence.  

But more importantly, we believe that women in their 40s and beyond should feel seen and empowered in their day-to-day lives. So join us on this journey and find what works for you, whether you are in the boardroom or the classroom, running reports or running carpool.  Whatever your daily routine, we want to encourage you to do it with style. 

Fashionatingly yours,

Ellen & Jennifer