As a working mom running her own business from a kitchen table, much of my day is spent between school volunteer shifts and cramming in work sessions, phone calls, and meetings at coffee shops as time allows. Because I never know when I might need to meet with a client or pop in for a site visit on an event, I plan my outfits for the day with every possibility in mind.

Today’s choice is the infamous side stripe pant Ellen and I both scored from Banana Republic after Thanksgiving. One part track pant and one part tuxedo trouser, these pants are a workhorse that pulls double duty from work to play.

Here I pair them with a J. Crew mock neck sweatshirt and Chuck Taylors for a day at Casis Elementary, with a little business squeezed in between library shift and pick up. Later I swapped my kicks for a fabulous pair of DVF suede pumps in scarlett red (I have these in three colors!), and a classic navy blazer. I threw on this Ann Taylor Loft scarf to pull it all together and am ready for a client pitch at the newly opened Hearth & Soul just across from my son’s school.

After years of costume changes in offices and public restrooms, I’ve learned to dress for every possibility with a few minor edits here and there and it has made all the difference (and limited my exposure to public toilets! EWWW!)