When I found out our summer vacay this year was to Palo Duro Canyon for an archaeological dig, the fashionista in me immediately thought “what to wear?!? Cargo pants and hiking boots are not my idea of vacation wear!” Enter the adorable, packable, breathable, versatile Zilker hi-tops from @SuavsShoes.  The Canyon is full of adventure, from hiking to horseback riding, rock climbing to rappelling… and that’s not to mention the dig we were there for! This shoe took it all in stride and took up minimal space in my backpack – major plus! 


The high tops kept me safe from snake bites and the low profile was easy on my feet.  Long days loved the breathable, wicking weave, and my back loved how light-weight they were, schlepping up and down cliffs. Another cool thing is they transitioned well from daytime “work boot” to dinner time sneaker with shorts and a t-shirt. 


For someone who generally packs 4-6 pairs of shoes for any given weekend trip, the SUAVS is a game-changer.  It took me through 5 nights of camping with manual labor from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and adventure the rest of the day.  That’s what I call a #SuavsLife!


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