To me, eyelashes not diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I did not want a rock for an engagement ring, and I have never pined for a pair of diamond stud earrings or tennis bracelet. But lashes? I enjoy mine almost daily. They are long and thick. They have a natural curl that I have never had to use an eyelash curler. And they seem to be hanging on even though menopause has been known to wreak havoc on a lady’s lashes (to be clear, the lashes you see in all of my pictures are 100% naturally my own).

This means I LOVE mascara. I love putting it on, trying new formulas, seeing how long I can naturally tease my lashes before the tips leave little mascara dots right under my eyebrows. This why I am excited to announce that we working with My Little Mascara Club.

My Little Mascara Club delivers an incredible, all-natural mascara right to your door, providing you with unforgettable lashes in a way that is healthy, affordable, and fun! No clumping, no flaking, no running down your face. Just high-quality mascara that boosts your lashes and your confidence.

Their products are all-natural. As their website says, My Little Mascara Clubs products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, beeswax free, and paraffin-free. And that is a lot of free. I could go on and on about how many chemicals we subject ourselves to on a daily basis, and about the prevalence of greenwashing in the beauty industry, etc., but our followers are well aware already. This is one product you can safely use near a very delicate and vital part of our bodies – our eyes.
My Little Mascara Club


The mascaras are priced well for the quality of the product. My eyes have always been sensitive. I have had to use the top quality eyedrops, eyeshadows, and mascaras since I began wearing makeup. This problem has only gotten worse with age. The mascaras that cause me the least irritation cost around $50, because “free” does not always come cheap….. My Little Mascara Club costs less than half that. Their mascaras cost $21, including shipping. Only their bundles and gift sets cost more.

They also apply the same standards to their micellar water and mascara removers. Throw in the reusable makeup remover pads, and you have the added value of sustainability to these products. 

Keeping it real, I am not the most hygienic when it comes to mascara. The FDA recommends you change mascara every three months maximum. I do not do this. I have never done this. And the way mascara is sold now, I will never do this (I know, I know. It is gross. I know.). Mascaras are typically sold in too big of a tube for me to come close to using it all up in less than three months. Whether it is because I do not wear that much mascara, or because I am too cheap to throw it out before it is completely empty either way, My Little Mascara Club is sized accordingly (see next point).

And the subscription service means you will never run out or make an extra trip to the store just to replace your mascara. Your eyes will stay healthier too.

My Little Mascaras are little. They come in a travel-sized tube making it easier to use the most product for your money and within the “safe zone.” And is it just me, but is anyone else’s mascara the longest thing in your makeup bag? Looking forward to having one that was designed to be on-the-go, just like my lipstick.

Another thing I am looking forward to is using a smaller wand on the regular. Christie, the founder, makes a good point when she says:

I found that the shorter wand length made it so much easier to get the precision and volume I wanted. I imagine a dentist trying to work on a patient with tools a foot long, that is how “regular” size mascaras feel to me now.   

I really do love my natural lashes, but I cannot compete with all the extensions out there. And honestly, nor do I care to. Again, I am just too cheap with both my money and my time to make this part of my routine.

That being said, I do believe in science, so I am very interested to try My Little Mascara Club’s, The Best Little Mascara Ever: Volume + Curl Formula which is described as delivering, “the false lash look without the hassle or expense.”

Lastly, I love a good subscription service. They save me time, money, and alleviate my mental load. This one just happens to deliver a small but might dose of self-care without my having to think about it. My Little Mascara Club understands as their motto is #createhappy

All you need to do to join The Club is pick your formula, create an account, and then wait for delivery. That is all. Their shipments are scheduled to go out every six weeks, My Little Mascara Club sends you a reminder before your next tube ships, so you have the option to postpone if you need to.

Interested in becoming a member of My Little Mascara Club? We are excited to offer all new members 10% off their first subscription. Just click here and use the code MASCARA10 to take advantage of this special offer.

And check back between now and the Thanksgiving holiday as we announce additional promotions and sales. We hope you enjoy shopping with My Little Mascara Club!



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Photography by Breezy Ritter